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Offer of our tourist farm

We offer you:
  • accommodations,
  • bed and breakfast, and
  • half board.

Guests stay in the refurbished farmer’s retirement house by the main building, where six rooms with bathrooms, TV and internet are available.

In the main building there are living room, dining room and kitchen. The gourmet delights are even more exciting in beautifully renewed dining room from 1880, and the additional charm is provided by the tiled oven.

Choice of food is rich with outstanding items such as:
  • zgornje-savinjski želodec,
  • salami,
  • butter,
  • cheese,
  • yogurt,
  • cottage cheese and curd dumplings,
  • žlikrofi,
  • apple and cheese pies and
  • bread.

Food is organic and homemade.